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Epic Game's new RealityScan app can create 3D models of real objects instantly

  Epic Game's New RealityScan App If you're looking for a free 3D scanning app, you've come to the right place. RealityScan is a new app that can create realistic 3D models from smartphone photos. The app only works with games that have a 3D view, however, so you should only use it if your game has that feature. This is currently available in limited beta, so you may want to try it out before you buy it. RealityScan is a free 3D scanning app The free RealityScan app is currently available in limited beta to 10,000 iOS users through Apple's TestFlight program. It will soon be released to a wider beta audience on iOS later this year. Until then, Epic will continue to refine the app and add new features as it nears the final release date. Epic also plans to release the app on Android devices later this year. But before anyone gets their hopes up, make sure to check out the beta program. The application will work similarly to its predecessor, RealityCapture, and will enable