What is Lidar? How does Lidar work? Know all about LiDAR

What is LiDAR Technology? LiDAR technology is a fantastic tool that we can use to create detailed 3D maps of objects and environments. It does this by emitting laser pulses and measuring the time it takes for the laser to bounce back after hitting an object. This allows us to determine the distance between the sensor and the object. With LiDAR, we can create high-resolution 3D maps of our surroundings, which has many different applications, from autonomous vehicles to forestry and archaeology. One of the great advantages of LiDAR technology is its accuracy. It can measure distances with a high degree of precision, which is essential in many applications. LiDAR is also very fast, allowing us to capture large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. It has a wide coverage area, making it perfect for mapping and surveying large areas. Furthermore, it is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. LiDAR technology has several limitations, though. It is sensitive to environmenta


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What is Lidar? How does Lidar work? Know all about LiDAR

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